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No More Boredom: Easy and Engaging Activities to Keep Kids Quiet & Busy

by Mittimate Toys 18 Dec 2023

We know what it’s like Mommies & Daddies when you wish to take some time off your busy-hectic life on a weekend to chill on your recliner with snacks in your lap & Netflix on the TV, but then you realize you’re now a parent and it’s NOT happening for the next decade or so. You need to leave for work, and your little princess/prince starts weeping for you. 

You love them, you do love them, but don’t you just wonder how to keep the kids quiet & busy at times, at least when you’re busy? Don’t worry, it’s a very normal thought, and we got plenty of solutions for you.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best, easiest, & most engaging activities your kids will love to participate in. Best part? These activities are 100% Independent-Play, and will only boost their mental, physical, & social capabilities, although your child can play with a friend if they wish to. Yes, so these indeed will be learning experiences for your little ones, and we assure you, these activities are known to keep the kids occupied for hours!

Contents of the Article-

  • Craft & Drawing
  • Age Puzzles
  • Playdough & Clay Activities
  • Model Construction Books
  • Interactive & Independent-Play Toys


1. Crafts & Drawing



Kids love watching their favorite toons & playing games on iPads or other smart devices, but mind you, this might be hindering the growth that could possibly happen in today’s kids (read more.) Don’t worry, we got a bunch of ideas that are a lot more fun, interactive, & lovable, even for phone-loving kids.
Here are some suggestions you can try that work splendidly for Mitti-Mate’s Parents-

  1. Drawing and Coloring: Set up a dedicated art space with plenty of paper, colored pencils, markers, and crayons, and let kids’ imaginations run wild. You can demonstrate something, either by yourself, or take the hand of a friend. We insist you print out coloring pages of their favorite characters or animals for added inspiration around the place. You can also allow your kids to play around and paint those white stones you find with plants. They can be turned into beetles, angry birds, or ANYTHING!
  2. Paint Your Own Pottery: Pottery painting is a fun and creative activity that can keep kids busy for hours. Purchase some plain white pottery items like mugs, plates, or vases, and let the kids paint them with acrylic paints. Once they’re finished, you can have them baked in the oven to set the paint. Remember, only buy toxic-free pottery items, essentially kids-friendly.
  3. DIY Crafts: There are endless possibilities for DIY crafts that kids can create, from making their own jewelry to building their own paper mache sculptures. Consider projects like DIY Slime (kids love slimes), making friendship bracelets, or creating paper lanterns.
  4. Origami: Origami is a fascinating and challenging art form that kids can enjoy. There are many simple origami tutorials online that kids can follow to create paper animals, flowers, and other fun shapes. Check out Paper Kawaii’s website to better educate your kids on Origami, for FREE!
  5. Playdates with all these activities combined: As independent play as these activities are, it’s highly recommended to allow your kids to go on playdates with other kids. This way, they can learn how their peers’ imaginations run, and quite possibly teach their friends how these activities are so fun. Trust us, we hear about this all the time, you’ll become the ‘best parents of the neighborhood’ in an instant haha!

2. Age Puzzles


Who doesn’t love puzzles? You say your little one? Well about that, we assure you need not to worry. It’s only a matter of time before they fall in love with MittiMate’s Assemble-to-Curate Puzzling activities, however much you doubt it. We’ve seen plenty of our munchkin fans’ videos sent to us by their parents about how they love nothing more than a game of puzzles, especially when it’s from their Mitti-Mate!

We say “Age Puzzles”, because kids have different parts of their brain getting developed at each age, from 2-3, as well as 4-5 years, and so on. Hence it’s better advised to allow your kids to explore the toys specifically made for their age. For instance, if it’s a very little child, it’s better to provide them with a bunch of ‘no-choking-hazard’ toys so as to prevent any unwanted circumstances.

There are 45 different puzzles to choose from based on different ages as well as the values you might wish to instill in your child at the moment. For ages 2-3 years, we have- Action Words, Opposite Words, Alphabets, Numbers, and so on. For ages 4-5, we have Hawa Mahal, Boat house, Schools, Metro Stations, and so many more!

Check them out by clicking here.

3. Playdough & Clay Activities


We believe Clay deserves a separate section of its own in this list. Believe it or not, we’re yet to find any kid who hasn’t fallen in love with Playdoughs, and the best part- they get to cultivate and explore their imaginations in 3D!

Kids eventually get bored with drawing & craft, that’s also when they can be introduced to clay projects. This way, they get to curate better sculpting ideas, work on their motor skills, and above all, they’ve been bored of 2D Art, this is 3D, and the sky’s the limit! Here are some projects your kids can try-
  1. Making Clay-clothes for their toys- For this, all they need is to grab their favorite toys, use their pixy dust, and some handful of different colors of clay, and BOOM! They have now made new clothes for their favorite toys. This can be done on Barbies, Dinosaurs, Robotic Toys, ANY toy they wish to see with new apparels and trust us, your kid will be unstoppable!
  2. They can also create new toys out of clay- So for instance Vegetables & Fruits, New Characters, Flowers, Animals, and so many more! Trust us when we say you can’t even imagine what they might come up with- and you’ll be astonished when you’ll see what they make!
  3. Kids can create Different Toy Sets- These can be Kitchen Sets, Doctor Sets, Police Sets, etc based on their interests! Let them run their cute little brains and you’ll witness the magic your little cupcake is capable of.
  4. Playdough can help your kid create their own little imaginative world- We’ve seen Mitti-Munchkins play around with clay and design entire jungles, little maps, buildings, and so much more! Yes, they’re really capable of something like that and they can get that indulged into their favorite clay once they figure it out! It’s only a matter of time before they start shocking you with their imagination!

4. Model Construction Books


Now that we’re already talking 3D, it’s the best time to add to the conversation how Interactive, Fun, Engaging, Skill-Developing Model Construction Books can be. Allow your child to enter the world of Mittimate’s Wonderful Model Construction Books and witness your child’s best creativity unfold & evolve! 

From Social Skills, Abstract Thinking, Creativity, and Analytical Thinking, to Cognitive & Fine Motor Skills, and so much more, some quality time spent with Model Construction Books can initiate various forms of development in your child’s abilities. We highly recommend you check them out and give these a shot. SO MANY of Mitti-Munchkins have been enjoying playing around with their construction books, and they love it. See for yourself!

5 Interactive & Independent Play- Toys


Toys are easily the best keys to your child’s boredom, but there’s a catch. Eventually, there comes a point where you’re looking for some toys online, or maybe in a toy store and you realize, your child already has some of the best ones and they’re already bored with those. What now? Well, we got you.

Now’s the best time for your child to discover the wonders and magic of ‘Mitti-Mate’s Interactive & Independent Play Toys’. They’re not only anti-boredom, they induce multiple Social, Mental, & Physical Developments, considering that they’re so innovative and something you might have never seen ordinarily in the market. 

MittiMate’s Brain Teaser Collection is nothing short of your child’s development-oriented future investment, at unbelievable prices! Think about it, if your child uses their brain power as they play around with their toys, each time they do this, their brain is experiencing newer realms of potential development that they might’ve missed out on if we expected their phones to wave the wands. We insist, you give these toys a shot, and you’ll see how fun your child finds them, without ever getting bored!

Our “Do It Yourself Collection” with to-be-assembled toys are some of the most thought-provoking yet fun toys your child will ever hold. They’ll first have to assemble the toy to play with it forever. This also can teach them a lesson about delayed gratification, and how being patient toward their work will harvest the sweetest of fruits- but ehh, make it ‘Fun & Interesting!’


We believe there are hundreds if not more ways of creating an anti-boredom & anti-phone-addiction environment for your child. Today’s article took you through some of the best ones that you can start using from today on! They’re all easy, fun, interactive, & growth-inducing at the same time! We showed you different products from MittiMate that have been helping parents resolve their child’s phone addictions and indulge them in helpful and creative activities. So we hope you liked today’s article. Make sure you comment down below what your child thinks of their ‘Mitti-Mate’, we really enjoy reading your comments, and this way, other parents are rest assured about how they can help their child too! Alright, Mommies & Daddies, that was it for today. See ya next time.

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