Zentangle Shape Jigsaw Puzzles | Fun & Learning Games for kids


  • Beautiful and unique Zentangle design
  • Dimensions: 11×11”
  • Material: Cardboard
  • Made up of 36 pieces for a challenging but doable puzzle experience
  • Ideal for puzzle enthusiasts who enjoy abstract and intricate designs
  • Made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity
  • Helps to improve problem-solving and cognitive skills
  • Great for relaxation and stress relief

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This Zentangle Shape Jigsaw Puzzle features intricate and abstract patterns arranged in a beautiful and unique design. The puzzle is made up of 36 pieces that are sure to challenge and engage puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.
This 2-4 player Board game is inspired from the Classic game of Snakes And ladders. Where kids will learn different kind of Shapes, colors & numbers in a fun way. The dice has shapes instead of numbers. The pegs & dice are made of natural wood colored in safe water based colors.
The 36 piece puzzle set consists of the various themes like monuments in India and around the world, Types of Houses, Map of India, Festivals, Home & Around. These puzzles come with a fact card that tells them more about the particular puzzle, enhancing their general knowledge. The puzzles also work on the children’s fine motor skills and critical thinking.
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Dimensions27.94 × 27.94 cm


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