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  • Material: High-quality wood
  • Number of pieces: 13
  • Tringle Shape 
  • Suitable for kids and Adults both 
  • The puzzle set is made of high-quality wooden pieces that are durable and long-lasting
  •  The puzzle set is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and store.
  • Perfect  game to take on trips or to play at home.
  •  The Wooden Pentamino Puzzle Set provides numerous educational benefits, including improving spatial reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills


The Wooden Pentamino Puzzle is a challenging and entertaining game that consists of 12 wooden pieces in unique shapes that must be arranged to fit into a designated space. The objective of the game is to use all the pieces to form a perfect square, making it a great way to improve problem-solving and spatial reasoning skills.
The pentomino puzzles are one of those puzzles that are used by teachers to introduce their students to important math concepts such as area, symmetry, perimeter, etc. This puzzle includes a total of 13 pentomino pieces forming the square. The task is to arrange the pieces on the board in a way that forms the square. Another task is to arrange pieces in a way that forms different solid pictures on the board; making the puzzle more exciting, engaging, and challenging for the kids. Kids are able to strengthen their fine motor strength, spatial awareness, knowledge about different shapes.
The puzzle is completely hand-crafted off natural wood and is highly durable assuring stability while playing.

Additional information

Dimensions30.48 × 22.86 × 22.86 cm


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