Wooden Moon Balancing Toy



MOON BASE: Width -26 cm., Height.- 17 cm., Thick- 1.5cm. Weight- 600 gm.
Shapes : Height- 4 cm., Dia.- 2.2 cm.
DICE: Each Side- 3cm

Box Content

Maple Wood Moon Base
12 wooden shapes, 3 colors each: Red, Orange and Blue
1 colored wooden Dice and a center piece


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Moon Balancing is one such toy that not only works on fine motor skills but also teaches them about different geometrical shapes at the same time. The toy comes with a maple wood base and has 12 wooden shapes, 1 dice and a centerpiece.

Children are required to place the shapes on the moon base and balance it without making the shapes fall. Focus, concentration, patience, hand-eye coordination are all worked upon without even realizing.

The toy and the pieces are made out of natural wood. The edges are rounded and the color used on the pieces is 100 percent water-based, making it completely safe for the child.

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