Wooden Memory Tiles


  • Material: The memory tiles are made of high-quality wood, typically hardwood such as oak, maple, or walnut.
  • The wood is durable and long-lasting, providing a natural and rustic aesthetic.
  • Diameter 4 cm
  • Variety of designs and themes to cater to different preferences and purposes.
  • It can be utilized for educational purposes, such as improving memory skills, letter or number recognition, and language development. 



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Memory Tiles are a great way to work on and improve the child’s memory. Our wooden memory tiles teach the kids about the animal kingdom. There are 32 pairs of tiles for each animal with their picture etched on the tile.

Children are required to place the tiles upside down on a flat surface and find the identical tiles by flipping them over.

The tiles also come with fact cards about the animals so that the child and can become aware and learn about them simultaneously.
The pieces are made out of natural wood with no sharp edges, keeping the mind the safety of the child.

Each wooden memory tile is meticulously engraved with a symbol, number, or letter to create pairs for memory games or educational activities. The engravings are typically clear and well-defined, allowing for easy recognition and matching.


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