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  • Build your own miniature Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower  with our kit
  • Interactive playtime with movable parts and functions
  • Size : Eiffel Tower 365 mm* 245 mm | Leaning Tower 365 mm * 245 mm
  • Material : SBS Paper
  • Age  : 8+
  • Encourages hands-on learning and imaginative play
  • Fun and educational activity for children and adults alike
  • Can be used to complement history and design education programs
  • Great gift for kids who love architecture and building toys
  • Satisfaction guaranteed with our quality products and customer service.
  • Perfect for learning about the history of the Leaning Tower while being creative and having fun
  • Provides an engaging and interactive experience that develops fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities


Introducing our new Make Your Own – Eiffel Tower Interactive & Leaning Tower Interactive Product kit, the perfect way to introduce children to the wonders of architecture and history! Our kit includes everything kids need to build their own miniature Eiffel Tower and enjoy interactive playtime.
Did you know the Eiffel tower host more than approximately 6 million visitors every year? If you haven’t had the chance to visit it, don’t worry! We bring the Eiffel Tower to you! And you can make it from scratch! It took 150 workers and two years to build the real Eiffel tower but here it’s only you and a few minutes.
Our Make Your Own – Eiffel Tower Interactive kit is a fun and engaging way for kids to explore the world of architecture and history while developing their creativity and problem-solving skills. With movable parts and functions, this kit offers hours of interactive playtime that’s sure to spark their imagination and inspire a love of learning.
With this unique product, you can assemble and customize your own version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, complete with interactive features that will bring it to life.
The famous Leaning tower of Pisa is one of the many leaning towers Pisa has. What makes this tower special is its history. Did you know it took almost 200 years to build the tower? But don’t worry our version of the “Leaning tower” takes only a few minutes. Explore this world-famous attraction as you build it with your own hands!
Our “Make Your Own” is an interactive activity series for kids who love to build cool models. Made out of paper these 3D models can be assembled by simply interlocking parts with one another. They are attractive, sturdy, harmless, and fun.
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Dimensions39 × 26 × 2 cm



Make Your Own


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