Make Your Own – Castle Jigsaw Puzzles | Fun & Learning Games for Kids


  • Enhances creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Provides hours of fun and entertainment
  • High-quality materials
  • Dimensions: 11×11”
  • Material: Cardboard
  • No. of Pieces: 36 
  • Precision-cut pieces for a perfect fit 
  • Best for 4+ Age Group

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This Make Your Own – Castle Jigsaw Puzzle kit is perfect for all castle lovers out there! The kit comes with 36 puzzle pieces that can be easily assembled to create a beautiful and detailed castle. The puzzle pieces are made of high-quality cardboard, ensuring durability and sturdiness.
The kit also includes a guide on how to assemble the puzzle, making it easy and enjoyable for children and adults alike. The puzzle pieces are numbered on the back to aid in assembly. Once assembled, the puzzle can be framed and displayed as a beautiful work of art.
The 36 piece puzzle set consists of the various themes like monuments in India and around the world, Types of Houses, Map of India, Festivals, Home & Around. These puzzles come with a fact card that tells them more about the particular puzzle, enhancing their general knowledge. The puzzles also work on the children’s fine motor skills and critical thinking.
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Dimensions28 × 28 cm


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