Make Your Own – Castle | Fun & Learning | Kids Activity Books


  • Build your own castle with our Castle Building Kit
  • Miniature figures included to bring your castle to life
  • Size : 365 mm* 245 mm
  • Material : SBS Paper
  • Age  : 8+
  • These 3D model Can be assembled by interlocking parts with one another 
  • Interactive activity series for kids who love to build cool models


Introducing our new Castle Building Kit – the ultimate way to bring your imagination to life! With our kit, you can build your very own castle, complete with towers, battlements, and even a drawbridge.
Our “Make Your Own” is an interactive activity series for kids who love to build cool models. Made out of paper these 3D models can be assembled by simply interlocking parts with one another. They are attractive, sturdy, harmless, and fun.
So why settle for a pre-made castle when you can build your own with our Castle Building Kit? With its customizable design, high-quality materials, and endless building possibilities, our kit is the perfect way to spark your creativity and build a castle that’s truly unique.
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Additional information

Weight0.376 kg
Dimensions39 × 26 × 1 cm


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